The name HanseHype stands for Ruby on Rails in Hamburg. We develop e-commerce sites, portals or CMS systems based on Ruby on Rails for our customers. With the use of open source technologies in Ruby on Rails environment we improve the fast and effective further development of web applications.
Since 2008 we have realized several Ruby on Rails projects. In order to professionalize our work the company HanseHype was founded in 2013. Since then we have not only been offering technical support to our customers but also to other Ruby on Rails agencies.
We firmly believe that Ruby on Rails is the best choice for 99% of applications. Whether it is for platforms, community portals, marketplaces, e-commerce or interface development, there is only one right tool: Ruby on Rails. Convince yourself and contact us

Don’t Repeat Yourself

DRY says that any information must not be held twice or more than once. This means, that in the database every information should be held once, the source code must not have double sections.

For us it means: That you do it one time right with Ruby on Rails.

Convention over configuration

Instead of complicated configuration files
or different names of database columns, Ruby on Rails simply gives rules about what to call something.

For example, the variable name for the identification number id is
instead of idx, idNr, id_nr etc.

Model, View, Controller

The MVC architecture describes the programming paradigm used in Rails. There is a data layer defined by the model and a display of the data described by the view.

The controller is the programming glue to connect the data model with the display.

Test, RSpec, Cucumber

With our Test-First approach, we can eliminate potential sources of error. By testing the specification, we are able to identify in time whether the specification is consistent.

Our quality control ensures with the tests that the software quality has a high standard.


In Ruby on Rails, data is usually treated as a resource and is displayed, created, edited, updated or deleted by means of the URL via actions.

This standardization of the software enables us to offer interfaces (API) for third parties more easily.

Keep it simple and safe

The KISS principle tells us that in Ruby on Rails we should take the simplest and most effective solution. One of these principles is convention before configuration and DRY.

We at HanseHype take the KISS principle seriously and thereby deliver high software quality.

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