HanseHype is your experienced partner for the conception and implementation of digital applications - for enthusiastic customers. This also includes our high competence in the development with Java/JavaEE, with which we can develop tailor-made solutions for your individual project. The good thing is that you receive all services from us from a single source and are perfectly supported in every project phase and in all project areas.
Since 2004 we have realized several Java applications. Our Java developers all have experience in Enterprise, Government, Insurance and Finance. For your applications, which need a high standard of quality and security, we are the right partner for you with our highly qualified team.
Our high demands on project management, team and software development are what we deliver to our customers, the best possible approach for the implementation of the project. With over 15 years of experience in project management and Java development, your project is in good hands with us. Convince yourself and contact us hello@hansehype.de


Fast data processing, fast access: For the evaluation of Big and Smart Data, the filtering/sorting of data in real time, a powerful interface is required. You can rely on Hansehype's tried and tested solutions.


Applicable in areas where the interaction of geobased, time-based and other data is important for analysis/diagnosis. Our experienced experts find the suitable Big/Smart-Data solutions, also using artificial intelligence.


High availability is crucial for success. We offer monitoring and the necessary software/hardware/IaaS and fall-back solutions to ensure high availability even during peak loads or failure of a system area.


In the field of business logic/application logic, the App Agency offers ready-made solutions and approaches, e.g. for security, rights and role management, data storage and evaluation, etc.


During peak loads, vertical scaling is sometimes no longer sufficient. Modular, container-based microservices and software architectures enable faster horizontal scaling. Just ask us!


During backend development, we already take into account all possible future changes to your content today and enable the insertion of image, video or animated content.

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